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Tepui Kukenam Baja Mesh Canopy

item #TPU001F
Price: $565.00 Buy Tepui Kukenam Baja Mesh Canopy
Tepui Kukenam Baja Mesh Canopy
Tepui Kukenam Baja Mesh Canopy description:
You love camping in your Tepui Kukenam Baja Series Rooftop Tent on top of your car, especially in the shoulder seasons when the weather is chilly and rainy, and it's even better in the summertime when you can feel those warm breezes blow through Tepui's Kukenam Baja Mesh Canopy. Like all of Tepui's Baja Series Tents, the patented Zipper Gimp allows you to quickly switch out the Kukenam's included canopy for this mesh canopy for hotter and more humid trips. Tepui included a rainfly just in case a light, calm, summer shower is in the forecast.

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