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Tepui Hanging Boot Bag

item #TPU001D
Price: $35.00 Buy Tepui Hanging Boot Bag
Tepui Hanging Boot Bag
Tepui Hanging Boot Bag description:
You never knew what to do with muddy boots when you had a normal tent, and now that you have a Tepui Rooftop Tent on top of your car, that problem is slightly exacerbated. Instead of letting your footwear dirty the inside of your tent, or leaving your shoes to fend for themselves at the bottom of the ladder--all cold and alone with nothing to protect them from weather or your camping buddy's dog--slip them into the Tepui Hanging Boot Bag. Tepui designed the Hanging Boot Bag to hang right next to the ladder so you can slip them in right before you go in the tent, and its weatherproof, durable material assures protection while you enjoy the night.

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