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Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized Annex

item #TPU000Z
Price: $350.00 Buy Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized Annex
Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized Annex
Tepui Kukenam Ruggedized Annex description:
As if your Kukenam Ruggedized Tent weren't innovative enough, Tepui made the Kukenam Ruggedized Annex so you could have a two-story tent. This annex adds living space for a tent filled with campers, or it doubles as storage space for outdoors gear. The floor is removable in case you want to park your mountain bikes in it during a rainstorm. Tepui made the Annex out of the same Ruggedized material as your tent, so you know it can handle weather and tough outdoorsy missions like a champ. The zipper attachment makes for quick and easy setups.

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