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Trigger Point Grid Mini Foam Roller

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Trigger Point Grid Mini Foam Roller
Trigger Point Grid Mini Foam Roller description:
While many of us lovingly refer to our tried and true foam roller as "the torture tube," nobody's arguing that it doesn't do its job. Foam rollers save us time and money by facilitating myofascial release and the ensuing recovery benefits right in the comfort of our own home. The downfall is that our favorite roller generally isn't very travel friendly, taking up far too much precious cargo space that could otherwise house our cycling shoes or a week's worth of kit. Trigger Point solves that dilemma with the diminutive Grid Mini Foam Roller, which tucks easily into your luggage for foam-rolling fun away from home. Trigger Point claims its three-dimensional surfacing increases aeration for better oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. The core is made from a hollow tube of firm EVA foam which results in higher stiffness than traditional rollers while using less overall material for an environmentally friendly twist. Please note that Trigger Point recommends a maximum user weight of 250lb for the Mini Foam Roller.

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