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Trigger Point Grid 2.0 Revolutionary Foam Roller

item #TPT0009
Price: $64.99 Buy Trigger Point Grid 2.0 Revolutionary Foam Roller
Trigger Point Grid 2.0 Revolutionary Foam Roller
Trigger Point Grid 2.0 Revolutionary Foam Roller description:
In the same way that we try to eat more vegetables, we try to remind ourselves to take a few extra minutes to stretch out our tired legs after a grueling ride. But just like at dinnertime, a pizza and a rest on the couch often sound a lot more enticing. Stretching, like vegetables, isn't the only approach you can take towards keeping your muscles healthy though -- the Trigger Point Grid 2. 0 helps make at-home massage therapy an effective activity, allowing you to target specific knots and points of tension that can impact a range of muscle groups during and after a ride. Trigger Point doubled the length of its original Grid roller to create the Grid 2. 0, which is a more stable roller with increased surface area that will allow you to reach just about any muscle group you choose. The hollow-core, hand-wrapped EVA foam is far from soft -- don't expect your sessions with the Trigger Point to be pain-free -- but the reduced amount of foam used compared to other comparable options makes the Grid 2. 0 extremely effective and gives it a smaller environmental footprint. The 3-D surface of the foam will allow you to break up individual knots, facilitating blood flow and oxygen to your muscles as you roll them out to promote healing and repair.

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