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Topeak DeFender iGlow X 700c Fender Set

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Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $71.96
Buy Topeak DeFender iGlow X 700c Fender Set
Topeak DeFender iGlow X 700c Fender Set
Topeak DeFender iGlow X 700c Fender Set description:
You're going to get wet if you ride in the rain. But, that doesn't mean you have to bear the brunt of constantly being soaked with splash from your own wheels. The Topeak DeFender iGlow X700c Fender Set not only keeps you a tad drier, it also keeps you visible, for those heart-pounding nighttime sprints home. Commuting by bike is a popular endeavor in Europe. To that end the Topeak iGlow Fender Set was an award winner at the most recent EuroBike expo. What makes it so special' Well, in addition to keeping you from getting splashed by your own wheels as well as those of your commuting comrades, Topeak built an iGlow light right into the fender strip. Now, visibility is extended beyond a blinky light mounted on the seatpost. The iGlow is powered by 2-C2032 batteries per fender and features 2 modes, constant and flashing. Burn time is about 50 hours for constant mode and double that for flashing. The lamp itself is a . 5watt red LED. The polycarbonate fenders are installed via a quick release center bolt and adjustable rubber band systems on the struts. The two-way expander on the front fender fits into the fork crown or onto the brake fixing bolt for a secure attachment. On the rear, the brake arch bolt attaches without tools. For fine tuning, each stainless steel strut features a threaded collar to tension the individual legs. Each collar is also able to slide along the radius of the fender for easy alignment and maximum coverage. The ToPeak DeFender iGlow X 700c Fender Set is compatible with tires up to 25mm wide. It is available in One size and One color.

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