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Topeak Air Booster CO2 Inflator Head

item #TOP001D
Price: $27.95 Buy Topeak Air Booster CO2 Inflator Head
Topeak Air Booster CO2 Inflator Head
Topeak Air Booster CO2 Inflator Head description:
The evolution of CO2 inflators is one colored with frustration from brittle composites and premature releases. We've come a long way from CO2 inflators of the '90s, and Topeak's Air Booster embodies the highest level of development. Incredibly small, the Air Booster is about 1. 5in long and high, and just over a half-inch wide. This means, given its CNC'd aluminum construction, Topeak's Air Booster weighs seven grams more than the included 16g cartridge. While a compact, 22. 5g CO2 head defines modern inflators, Topeak's easy-to-use, push-to-inflate design is bolstered by a flow adjuster. This allows you to control the CO2 surge, rather than lose it all in a disappointing moment encompassed by cold metal, hissing, and lost carbon dioxide. The Air Booster also features an angled head for ergonomics, and it fits both Schrader and Presta valves. Topeak's Air Booster is a double-ended design, which allows you to store the cartridge, and it has an integrated dust cap to keep things working smoothly.

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