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Topeak D-Torq Wrench DX

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Price: $269.95 Buy Topeak D-Torq Wrench DX
Topeak D-Torq Wrench DX
Topeak D-Torq Wrench DX description:
It's well documented that seasoned technicians have a hard time achieving proper specifications without a torque wrench. Topeak's 3/8in drive D-Torq Wrench DX measures Nm, in/lb, ft/lb, or kg/cm, ensuring even the greenest mechanic will achieve manufacturers' desired settings with ease. The D-Torq has a range of 4 to 80 Nm and uses an intuitive digital display -- with audible warning -- that is programmable to your set values. The liquid crystal display is easy to read and Topeak includes two batteries that will last for 48 hours of use. The D-Torq DX features a reversible ratcheting head with a standard 3/8in square drive. Topeak includes a hard shell case to protect the D-Torq, and it includes 8 - 15mm sockets, T25, T30, and T40 Torx, along with 3 through 10mm Allen bits. The D-Torq Wrench DX is 13in long, and the LCD has an auto-off feature to preserve battery life.

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