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Topeak Ratchet Rocket

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Topeak Ratchet Rocket
Topeak Ratchet Rocket description:
You don't have to be a bike packer to appreciate a stem or H2O-bottle-boss-mountable hex set, tire levers, and chain tool in a compact, self-contained package -- with the bonus of a ratchet. Usually reserved for home or shop locations, this gives you the ability to use a ratchet on the road or trail and means quick rotation and control in tight spots. The Ratchet Rocket comes with 2 through 6mm hex bits, one Torx T25, a #2 Phillips, and two tire levers. All this is stashed in an engineering-grade, polymer/thermoplastic storage box that's weather resistant. The Ratchet Rocket comes with a band clamp for remote mounting and a water bottle braze-on mount, with an available-separately stem cap mount for added versatility. The chain tool is compatible with singlespeed multi-speed chains up to 10-speed. Topeak's Ratchet Rocket weighs 192 grams and measures 4. 3 x 2. 2 x 1. 3 inches.

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