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Topeak Magnetic Tool Tray

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Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $29.96
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Topeak Magnetic Tool Tray
Topeak Magnetic Tool Tray description:
You know that container of bolts, washers, and assorted odds and ends that are always rattling around your tool kit' Wouldn't it be nice if there was some way of keeping them contained, without resorting to OCD-level organization tactics' Well, with the Topeak Magnetic Tool Tray, you can take advantage of a long-held secret of pro mechanics and keep those loose pieces a little better organized. As the name implies, this tray incorporates a magnetic bottom, which holds those bits in place. It might not seem like much of an upgrade if you've never used one of these clever devices, but it makes sorting through your collection of spares much easier. And if you accidentally tip it over, you'll be thankful for the added retention that the magnet provides. Best of all, if you already have a Topeak PrepStation Tool Tray, it drops right in for a seamless fit. The Topeak Magnetic Tool Tray is available in one size and in the color Black.

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