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Topeak Joe Blow ACE Floor Pump

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Price: $149.95 Buy Topeak Joe Blow ACE Floor Pump
Topeak Joe Blow ACE Floor Pump
Topeak Joe Blow ACE Floor Pump description:
Mountain and road tires are two different animals, requiring completely different ranges of air pressure. That creates a problem when designing a pump as there are two options; high volume, low pressure or low volume, high pressure. But, that's not the case for the 260psi max Joe Blow ACE Floor Pump. It features a three-stage design that achieves both high pressures and high volume. Stage one opens both barrels for higher volume to achieve 60 psi with less effort than standard floor pumps. Stage two uses the main barrel only for pressures up to 120 psi, while stage three engages the small barrel to reach an impressive 260 psi. That means mountain tires are filled quickly, and road tires are topped off to max pressure with ease. The Joe Blow ACE Floor Pump has a padded handle, and wide, stable base for secure pumping. A large dial gauge and bleed valve aids achieving the desired pressure. The Joe Blow ACE Floor Pump comes with Topeak's SmartHead that automatically adjusts to fit Presta and Schrader valves without swapping parts. It also includes ball and air bladder type inflation needles.

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