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Topeak PrepBox

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Topeak PrepBox
Topeak PrepBox description:
Cycling requires specific tools, but unfortunately, the tool cases, bags, and boxes you find at hardware and automotive stores are designed for home/garage applications. That's where Topeak steps in with its PrepBox -- a well thought out case with cycling essentials like a torque wrench, bottom bracket tool, chain tool, cassette tool, and cable cutters. Instead of searching through the bottom of a tool bag, the PrepBox's plastic case smartly holds its 18 shop-grade tools in place. Topeak uses chrome vanadium steel and hardened steel throughout for durability and long-lasting performance with its tool. Also, ergonomic handles and comfortable grips keep you wrenching late into the night. Topeak's PrepBox measures 15. 9 x 12. 6 x 4. 5in for compact storage in your auto or home shop.

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