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Topeak FlashStand Work Stand

item #TOP000F
Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $35.96
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Topeak FlashStand Work Stand
Topeak FlashStand Work Stand description:
Much like spending any time at a boat launch, the parking lot of popular rides often provides entertainment at the expense of the inexperienced. For example, imagine, a rider strapping on shoes -- with a bike leaned against their car. Slowly the bike starts to slide along the side of the car, ultimately crashing to the ground. Cringe worthy, yet entertaining at the same time. That wouldn't happen with Topeak's FlashStand Work Stand in the picture. It's a compact downtube stand that securely holds your bike without marring the finish. Now you don't have to worry about someone backing over your bike in the parking lot, or the bike beating up your car's finish. The Topeak Flashstand is constructed from aluminum and folds flat for convenient storage in the back of your car.

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