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The North Face Drift 55L Backpack

item #TNF036H
Price: $158.95 Buy The North Face Drift 55L Backpack
The North Face Drift 55L Backpack
The North Face Drift 55L Backpack description:
When it's Friday afternoon and you realize you've got an open weekend ahead -- no commitments and nowhere to be -- pack up The North Face Drift 55 Backpack and go spend the weekend off-the-grid. With a top-loading design and separate sleeping bag compartment, the Drift 55 makes packing up in a hurry simple. Eight pockets spread throughout the pack let you separate the clothing and food you'll need for your two-day sojourn in the woods, and an airy ventilated support system keeps you comfortable once you begin your trek. After you make camp off the trail, head out on a morning summit push or a short detour to an alpine lake without being weighed down by all of your gear; the Drift 55 includes a small sack pack so that you can leave your camp stuff behind and explore unencumbered.

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