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The North Face Access 22L Bag - Women's

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Price: $234.95
Sale Price: $140.97
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The North Face Access 22L Bag - Women's
The North Face Access 22L Bag - Women's description:
Gone are the days of only having to carry a notebook and pen--these days you're lucky to get by with just a laptop, power cord, notebook, pen, phone, and the obligatory mid-day cracker snack. When it comes to carrying all of your modern trappings, count on The North Face Women's Access Bag to haul it all and keep it organized. Its structured design allows the bag to maintain a firm shape, even when you're only carrying a laptop and empty coffee mug, and the lightweight internal aluminum frame means this pack carries comfortably whether you're hoofing it across town by foot or bike. The fleece-lined laptop sleeve features ejector tabs to lift you device up for quick access when you're at class or sitting in a meeting. Meanwhile, the addition of multiple internal organizer pockets keep all knick-knacks, doo-dads, and thingie-waggits neatly organized.

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