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The North Face Fovero 70L Backpack - Women's

item #TNF02CA
Price: $289.95 Buy The North Face Fovero 70L Backpack - Women's
The North Face Fovero 70L Backpack - Women's
The North Face Fovero 70L Backpack - Women's description:
Bring all of your outerwear, clothing, and camping accessories with the cavernous capacity of The North Face Women's Fovero 70 Backpack. Large enough to hold 70-pounds worth of gear on long-distance treks, the Fovero 70 is ideal for week-long trips deep into the backcountry. This top-loading pack features ten-plus pockets with handy features, such as a detachable top lid that converts into a daypack, a separate sleeping bag compartment, and breathable beaver-tail pocket for drying wet clothes and gear. Its three-point compression straps cinch tightly to reduce overall bulk, and the Opti-Fit suspension system bolsters heavy loads. Additionally, you'll find its hydration-compatible design enables convenient drinking (with separate hydration bladder). Plus, the hip belt pockets facilitate quick retrieval of small necessities such as your compass and map, trail snacks, or smartphone.

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