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The North Face Fovero 85L Backpack

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Price: $305.90
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The North Face Fovero 85L Backpack
The North Face Fovero 85L Backpack description:
Don't leave anything behind when you're carrying the massive storage capacity of The North Face Fovero 85 Backpack. This backpack features a gigantic 85-liter volume, effortlessly carrying up to 70-pounds of gear on week-long trips into the wilderness. The Opti-Fit suspension system adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of torso lengths and body types, comfortably supporting heavy loads on long-distance treks. Furthermore, the five-point compression system reduces overall bulk. The Fovero 85 Backpack is a top-loading pack, with over ten total pockets to easily accommodate all your clothes, outerwear, backcountry food, camping gear, and miscellaneous items. The dedicated sleeping bag compartment makes easy work of partitioning your favorite sleeping bag from the rest of the bag's contents. Offering a well-ventilated space for wet clothes and gear, the breathable beaver-tail pocket makes easy work of drying damp items. Other key features include hydration compatibility for drinking on the trail (reservoir not included), hip belt pockets for easy-access to must have items, as well as a top lid that conveniently detaches into a daypack.

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