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The North Face Cragaconda 45L Backpack

item #TNF02C2
Price: $169.90 Buy The North Face Cragaconda 45L Backpack
The North Face Cragaconda 45L Backpack
The North Face Cragaconda 45L Backpack description:
It takes a rare (almost extinct) breed of climbing pack to successfully carry all of your climbing gear in its respective gullet. However, a recent discovery named the North Face Cragaconda Backpack has given humankind hope that such a prolific pack still exists in the wild. Transformation is one of the Cragaconda's most formidable attributes as it can consume a myriad of climbing gear and when necessary, regurgitate the goods and lay flat against the ground when dormant. Additionally, the Cragaconda has a helmet holder, internal racking points and a shoe or harness pocket that ensures ample organization. As the Cragaconda is something of a glutton for shiny things, the pack has an over-sized top pocket and internal security pocket to keep gems and currency secure. The foam lined door doubles as a seat while the removable waist belt and rope tarp are evolutionary traits only seen in species like the Cragaconda.

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