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TIME Xpresso 15 Ti Carbon Pedals

item #TME000P
Price: $600.00 Buy TIME Xpresso 15 Ti Carbon Pedals
TIME Xpresso 15 Ti Carbon Pedals
TIME Xpresso 15 Ti Carbon Pedals description:
Pedals are a personal thing, so it's rare to find two riders who agree on the perfect setup angles or release tension. The ability to custom tune your gear is a sought-after feature, and few pedal systems provide the range of adjustments and race-ready construction of Time's Time Xpresso 15 Ti Carbon Pedals.The Xpresso 15 carries over the lightweight titanium axle of the Xpresso 12 and adds Ceramic Speed bearings to take smooth pedaling to the highest level to facilitate quicker acceleration and more efficient power transfer. The 15 also maintains the oversized platform we've come to expect from the Xpresso line, as well as Q-Factor adjustment, angular adjustment, carbon Flexion blade springs, and Bioposition concept that makes these pedals a favorite among professionals worldwide.You'll find this concept extended through the use of a wide pedal platform that comes with claims of being the best surface area to weight factor ever created. Instead of traditional metal springs, the use of TIME's patented carbon Flexion blades keeps the Xpresso 15's weight at a minimum.

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