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TIME MX8 Carbon Pedal

item #TME000G
Price: $250.00 Buy TIME MX8 Carbon Pedal
TIME MX8 Carbon Pedal
TIME MX8 Carbon Pedal description:
Time's MX8 Carbon Pedal uses a carbon composite body and hollow axle to drop ten grams from the MX6. This places the MX8's weight under 185 grams while retaining the wide body, oversized bearings, and proven ATAC retention system that all-mountain riders love. Time's ATAC (Auto Tension Adjust Concept) is a simple design, with easy engagement and plenty of float. The spring tension never needs adjustment and it also sheds mud for consistent engagement. The MX8 pedals allow plus or minus five degrees of float, with an additional 6mm of lateral movement to permit ergonomic and efficient pedaling. The large bearing surface and wide platform adds confidence in tricky mounting and dismount situations. The Time MX8 Carbon Pedal coms in one color, Black, has hollow a steel chrome axel for durability and strength; cleats are included.

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