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Troy Lee Designs Ace 2.0 Glove

item #TLD00WZ
Price: $36.00
Sale Price: $27.00
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Troy Lee Designs Ace 2.0 Glove
Troy Lee Designs Ace 2.0 Glove description:
When you've got a long, shady ride planned on a warm summer day, your go-to padded gloves are perfect. But when you head for warmer climes, or a sudden heat wave sends temperatures soaring, you suddenly aren't as comfortable in your old faithfuls. On those days, reach for the Troy Lee Designs Ace 2. 0 Glove instead. With an airy mesh back and minimal extras, the Ace 2. 0 is made to get you through your hottest ride with dexterity, while making sure you don't overheat. No matter how sweaty the rest of you gets, this glove will keep you throwing the levers and turning the bars through switchbacks and rock gardens with clean, precise control.

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