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Troy Lee Designs Ace Gloves - Women's

item #TLD00QL
Price: $36.00
Sale Price: $28.80
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Troy Lee Designs Ace Gloves - Women's
Troy Lee Designs Ace Gloves - Women's description:
Riding gloves are an entirely subjective experience, with some riders preferring thicker versions for maximum shock absorption while others seek the lightest, thinnest gloves for a barely-there feel. If you fall into the latter camp, the Troy Lee Designs Women's Ace Gloves are sure to satisfy your quest for minimalist protection and grip on the trail. Lightweight mesh keeps your hands blissfully cool on hot summer rides. The micro-suede thumb wipe absorbs dripping sweat without scratching facial skin. And to retain grip on wild descents, silicone-printed fingers increase control of your braking levers, especially in damp trail conditions.

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