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Troy Lee Designs Ace Shiver Glove

item #TLD00QI
Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $48.00
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Troy Lee Designs Ace Shiver Glove
Troy Lee Designs Ace Shiver Glove description:
Fall lift laps and early morning runs call for something more protective than your standard mesh gloves, so stay warm and keep riding with the Troy Lee Designs Ace Shiver Gloves. Made from element blocking fabrics, these gloves are made for use in that chilly zone between 36 and 56 degrees Fahrenheit and are a versatile choice for all manner of ride adventures. These gloves feature a triple layered, bonded palm to provide a stable grip and increase durability, with silicone coating to ensure a solid, no-slip grip on the bars or brake levers even through jarring, technical sections. Long wrist cuffs tuck neatly under or over your jacket to prevent pesky skin exposure and block chilly wind gusts and errant flurries, ensuring cozy arms and wrists throughout the ride. As a final touch, micro-suede panels on the thumbs soflty manage the inevitable sniffles and sweat that accompany a hard day in the saddle.

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