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Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Fiber Helmet

item #TLD00PF
Price: $450.00
Sale Price: $270.00
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Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Fiber Helmet
Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Fiber Helmet description:
Going subtle on the DH circuit isn't one of your primary concerns. At least, it shouldn't be if you're looking at the Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Fiber Helmet. Holding back on big lines isn't really your style either, and what the D3 brings in style it more than matches in safety features. Give your gray matter some of the best protection it can get before your next race, and send away knowing you're covered. Troy Lee made a few updates to its beloved D2, but not so many that the D3 is unrecognizable from its predecessor. A few subtle changes, like increased EPS foam protection along the front of the helmet and plush 3D cheek pads give you extra cush in a crash without making you feel like you're riding with a pillow on your head. A more streamlined body and visor work with the D3's renowned sizing system, creating a contoured, adjustable helmet that won't feel cumbersome when you're dicing through tight lines. It's hard to find fault with the carbon fiber shell Troy Lee bestows upon the D3. Aside from bumping up the price of the helmet, the carbon shell boasts commendable strength and lightness, and it's backed up by an EPS liner and shock pads that work together to enhance the structural integrity of the system, making it a helmet you won't have to immediately replace after taking a small spill. Troy Lee didn't forget to add venting and a soft, odor-resistant liner that's easy to take out and wash occasionally, as well as a visor held in place by solid titanium hardware.

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