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Thule Adventure Touring Pannier

item #THU002V
Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $69.96
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Thule Adventure Touring Pannier
Thule Adventure Touring Pannier description:
No matter if your adventure consists of a trip to the farmers market or a secret nighttime mission to liberate museum-worthy items from Nazis, Thule's Adventure Touring Pannier is as key to your plans as a battered fedora and trusty whip. Like both of those, this pannier is made from rugged and reliable water-resistant fabric (made with PVC, to avoid nasty environmental consequences), with an extendable roll-top design that provides room enough for even the largest ancient idols. Two pockets on the side can be packed full of sand, so you trigger weight-sensitive booby traps, and are also translucent to accommodate lights for your more mundane nighttime adventures. Thule also outfitted the bag with reflective details for added safety, included carry handles and a removable shoulder strap for off-the-bike missions, and included its signature vanishing hardware so you can rock a more undercover look.

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