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Thule Round Trip Traveler

item #THU002S
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Thule Round Trip Traveler
Thule Round Trip Traveler description:
If you thought seat 13B was tough, just imagine how uncomfortable your bike is down in the mysterious underbelly of Flight 1345 with nonstop service to Very Far Away. The least you can do before turning it over to the airline is to secure it in Thule's Round Trip Traveler, which lets you mount the fork to a solid base, so your baby is protected and won't shift during transit, and holds your wheels securely in specially designed pockets. There are additional storage pockets for accessories or extra padding, and a whole mess of handles for carrying or rolling the Round Trip across endless concourses. Thule says it'll fit any bike with a wheelbase of up to 116. 8cm, which makes it better suited for road or 'cross bikes.

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