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Thule Round Trip Traveler

item #THU002S
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Thule Round Trip Traveler
Thule Round Trip Traveler description:
Despite the hardships of plane travel that we experience as people, our bikes have it much, much worse. Though it can't completely eliminate the unfortunate facts of flight for a bike, Thule's Round Trip Traveler helps to ensure that a bike completes its cargo hold sojourn in safety. The requisite, separate wheel pockets are complemented with smaller pockets for some internal organization, and an assortment of handles provide options for either carrying the bag or rolling it on built-in wheels. The fork mounting block is fixed, which offers a bit more stability while rushing through the concourse. The Round Trip accommodates bikes with wheelbases measuring up to 116. 8cm, and -- though Thule recommends it for "most road, mountain and cyclocross" frames -- it seems best suited for road or 'cross bikes.

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