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Thomson Carbon Riser Handlebar

item #THP0015
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Thomson Carbon Riser Handlebar
Thomson Carbon Riser Handlebar description:
Long known for its expertise in aluminum, the Carbon Riser Handlebar is Thomson's first carbon fiber component. Because of the complexities of working with carbon fiber, the bar is actually manufactured by Toray, the same company that builds carbon fiber components for Boeing and Airbus The bar is made with Nano Epoxy Resin for extremely high impact resistance. It's made from one piece of carbon, not two or three glued together. For added strength, the ends are made with 1. 5K woven carbon fiber to prevent damage to the unidirectional fibers in the event of an impact. The Carbon Handlebar has a mild, four-degree upsweep with a six-degree backsweep. This shape is comfortable and provides heaps of rider control. The rise is low--just 12mm, and the generous 730mm width is perfect for XC and even all-mountain riding.

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