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Thomson Masterpiece Setback Seatpost

item #THP0003
Price: $149.95 Buy Thomson Masterpiece Setback Seatpost
Thomson Masterpiece Setback Seatpost
Thomson Masterpiece Setback Seatpost description:
If you love the sleek lines of the Thomson Elite Seatpost but are looking for a little more setback in your position, the Masterpiece Setback Seatpost is just the ticket. The Masterpiece has taken the clean lines of the Elite a step further by machining all of the surfaces of the aluminum post. This saves enough weight to put the post in at 158 grams, with all of the durability and beauty you've come to expect from Thomson. The head features tilt adjustment from minus 5 degrees to plus 29 degrees. The swivel nuts have been placed beneath the clamps to give it a low profile.

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