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Therm-ic SmartPack Set ic 950 TrimFit

item #THC0055
Price: $275.00
Sale Price: $254.99
Buy Therm-ic SmartPack Set ic 950 TrimFit
Therm-ic SmartPack Set ic 950 TrimFit
Therm-ic SmartPack Set ic 950 TrimFit description:
Not even the warmest socks can keep your feet toasty at the ski resort. That's why Therm-ic made its SmartPack Set ic 950 TrimFit compatible for any ski or snowboard boot. While its ThermicSole TrimFit insole warms up to temperatures as high as 158F, this set's lightweight SmartPack ic 950 battery packs hook to your boots' tongues in order to keep your feet nice and toasty for up to eighteen hours (on the lowest level). This set also includes a SmartPack global charger that charges the battery packs in any country you might ski in. Some boots by Atomic, Burton, Dalbello, Head, and Salomon already have the correct features to help you integrate this pack into your boot, and all the rest require some simple craftsmanship with the help of some scissors, duct tape, and the Cambrelle adhesive already applied to the insoles.

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