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1892 by Thorogood Beloit Boot - Men's

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Price: $282.95 Buy 1892 by Thorogood Beloit Boot - Men's
1892 by Thorogood Beloit Boot - Men's
1892 by Thorogood Beloit Boot - Men's description:
The Gateway to Wisconsin, Beloit is known for its hard workers, rugged farmers, and resilience. In the many years since its founding in 1837, it has withstood trials and tribulations and remained strong. Strong will and dedication built the city of Beloit and has kept it going all of these years, so Thorogood named a boot after it. The Thorogood Beloit is 100% made in the USA with genuine Horween Chromexcel leather, and a nitrile cork outsole. Built for hard work and long lasting style the Beloit is Thorogood's top selling model, and with it's namesake laying claim to the first speedometer in the world, we're not so sure it should be a surprise.

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