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TFO Atoll Fly Reel

item #TFO000F
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TFO Atoll Fly Reel
TFO Atoll Fly Reel description:
Big predatory fish don't usually come on the first cast, so you want a reel you can trust once you finally make a good set into a fierce redfish or massive tarpon--something like the TFO Atoll Fly Reel. It comes in four sizes to match everything from your 7wt streamer rod to your 14wt tarpon rod, and is made from precision-machined billet aluminum that has been hard anodized to boost the reel's durability. The hubless drag system consists of a stacked Delrin and stainless steel mechanism to increase the stopping power of the reel and provide better heat dissipation, too, so your drag doesn't burn up when that mean old roosterfish makes one last run on you.

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