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TFO Impact Fly Rod - 4-Piece

item #TFO000B
Price: $324.95 Buy TFO Impact Fly Rod - 4-Piece
TFO Impact Fly Rod - 4-Piece
TFO Impact Fly Rod - 4-Piece description:
The TFO Impact Fly Rod might not be a six-cylinder sports car, but it isn't some kind of put-put station wagon, either--it's the trusty pickup that gets you to the river everyday with low-key sex appeal but plenty of power. Designed with TFO's Rod Performance Matrix (RPM), the Impact is designed to load quickly, but still delivers that smooth and powerful casting feel that more experienced anglers will appreciate. The Impact comes in weights ideal for trout applications, with 4-6wt options available, along with a half-wells burl cork handle and a classic rosewood reel seat. Heavier versions of the Impact are also available, with a full-wells burl cork handle, fighting butt, and aluminum up-locking reel seat finishing the butt section of the rod. Whichever weight you choose, it comes with a matte black blank, black thread wraps, and TFO's own Tactical Series stripping guides and chrome-impregnated snake guides.

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