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TFO BVK Fly Rod - 4-Piece

item #TFO0006
Price: $249.95 Buy TFO BVK Fly Rod - 4-Piece
TFO BVK Fly Rod - 4-Piece
TFO BVK Fly Rod - 4-Piece description:
These days, it's easier than ever to blow what you might have otherwise spent on a plane ticket to Alaska or Patagonia on a high-end fly rod. Realizing there are anglers out there that would rather put their fly rod to use, rather than just hang it on a mantel, TFO developed its BVK Fly Rod--a budget-friendly stick that delivers every ounce of performance you need whether you're chasing nasty browns up in Big Sky Country, battling football-shaped rainbows up in AK, or just catching wild trout on one of your favorite local streams. Making affordable rods that perform well on the water is TFO's M. O., and the BVK is no exception. The rod is crafted with a lightweight graphite blank with a fast-action that's engineered to deliver the response and crisp action anglers look for when making accurate presentations at long distances. BVK finished the rod with lightweight components to keep the rod light and comfortable in the hand and reduce fatigue after multiple days on the water. The reel seat is composed of a braided carbon fiber, and the Flor-grade cork grip is contoured to comfortably match the shape of your hand. TFO's own Tactical Series Guides adorn this rod and are specifically built to withstand abuse on the river and in the drift boat.

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