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Trace Sports Tracker

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Trace Sports Tracker
Trace Sports Tracker description:
Storing a wealth of GPS-derived activity metrics, the Trace Sports Tracker feeds data to your smartphone for insightful analysis of your big-wave bravado and pow-slashing shenanigans. The free iPhone and Android app syncs wirelessly, giving you a detailed map readout of your every move while skiing, snowboarding, surfing, or mountain biking. It attaches to your board, skis, or helmet with the included mount, allowing you to easily swap between sports without requiring a separate tracking device. Seven hours of battery life ensures plenty of juice for recording a full day's worth of action. Great for snow sports enthusiasts riding the local resort and backcountry, the Trace Sports Tracker measures vertical drop, distance ridden, ride time, maximum speed, air time, height, and jump distance, among a number of other metrics. It's also a great tool for surfers looking to improve their performance in the water, measuring maximum speed, paddle distance, number of turns, length of ride, and other surf-savvy data. The Trace Sports Tracker is able to overlay ride data onto your action camera's footage. For users with Macs, simply download the Trace video app for full compatibility with your action camera. As a convenient bonus, this video application automatically edits footage to reduce boring downtime when you're not riding a wave or skiing down the mountain. It does this by removing those moments when you're just sitting in the lineup or waiting for a chairlift. When you're finished uploading footage, you'll have an exciting highlight reel of you dropping into waves or slashing through deep powder--all without boring lulls in the action.

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