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Timbuk2 Sonoma Seat Pack

item #TBK006S
Price: $79.00
Sale Price: $59.25
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Timbuk2 Sonoma Seat Pack
Timbuk2 Sonoma Seat Pack description:
The dilemma of every commuter and long-distance cyclist is packing just the right amount of gear for the trip ahead. Pack too much and you're loaded with cumbersome bags. Fail to pack enough and you're wishing for an extra layer, delicious sandwich, or essential tool. The Timbuk2 Sonoma Seat Pack solves this riding dilemma with its expandable roll-top design, accommodating a variety of trips and daily errands without excess bulk slowing you down. The Sonoma Seat Pack handily secures to a number of bike seats with its adjustable SR buckles. External webbing clutches your U-lock when you're cruising around town, also working to secure to carabiners and bike lights. There's an external pocket for quick-access to your energy bars, spare cash, and house keys. Reflective hits keep you visible to oncoming traffic late at night.

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