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Timbuk2 Core Frame Bag

item #TBK006R
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Timbuk2 Core Frame Bag
Timbuk2 Core Frame Bag description:
Make great use of dead space on your commuter bike with the Timbuk2 Core Frame Bag. This frame bag attaches to bike frames of 51 centimeters and larger with multiple hook-and-loop straps. Not only is it handy for daily commutes and urban workhorse use, the Core Frame Bag also excels on long-distance tours where maximizing storage is needed for all your camping gear and food. Multiple zippered pockets negate the need to carry a bulky pack, especially on morning commutes where back sweat is a major inconvenience headed into work. There's dedicated storage for a U-lock, as well as plenty of space for riding snacks, must-have electronics, and smaller accessories. The water bottle holster remains within easy-reach, ditching the need for a traditional bottle mount on your daily commuter or touring bike.

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