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Timbuk2 Treat Rack Trunk

item #TBK006M
Price: $89.00
Sale Price: $66.75
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Timbuk2 Treat Rack Trunk
Timbuk2 Treat Rack Trunk description:
Attach the Timbuk2 Treat Rack Trunk to your bike's pannier rack before cruising to the local park for an idyllic picnic. It's sized just right for a twelve pack of your favorite drink or a couple of lunches, allowing you to bring the food and beverages everywhere you roam. The handy roll-top design expands its capacity, should you go a bit overboard on packing food and drinks. External cinch straps give you the ability to compress the load down, so you're not carrying excess bulk on the road. For greater visibility, it's decked out in high visibility stripes for safe riding after dark.

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