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Timbuk2 Lux Zip Pack

item #TBK004H
Price: $168.95
Sale Price: $67.58
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Timbuk2 Lux Zip Pack
Timbuk2 Lux Zip Pack description:
Timbuk2 won the hearts of cyclists across the globe decades ago with its classic messenger bag, and has continued to build a stellar reputation for beautifully crafted, nearly bombproof bags in a wide variety of styles, closures, and finishes. The Timbuk2 Lux Zip Pack boasts dual-strap, zippered functionality with some extra touches that make unexpected weather a bit more manageable.The Lux Zip Pack features reflective binding and markers integrated throughout for a subtle sheen during the day and high visibility to other road users at night. In preparation for inclement weather, Timbuk2 integrates two separate rain flaps into the Lux Zip that fold stealthily away when not in use. One drops out of the bottom of the bag to protect your pants and saddle, while the other extends up and over the pack to protectively cover your helmet though a deluge.With completely waterproof outer fabric, the Lux can be trusted to keep electronics safe inside of its padded inner sleeve, which fits up to a 13-inch laptop. As a final touch, stretchy side pockets on either side give you space to keep your coffee tumbler, water bottles, or other small necessities within easy reach.

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