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Timbuk2 Lux Pack

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Timbuk2 Lux Pack
Timbuk2 Lux Pack description:
Timbuk2 has a reputation for crafting solid, dependable bags that last for years, and the brand's lifetime warranty has always spoken to its faith in the durability of its stuff. The San Francisco-based company's all-new Lux pack offers the same solid construction we're used to seeing, along with intuitive extra features to make commuting even more enjoyable. To start, the fabric Timbuk2 uses to construct the bag features reflective printing integrated throughout it for a subtle sheen during the day and high visibility at night, and it uses magnets and buckles toward the top of the bag to help female riders keep their long hair on their head, instead of stuck in hook-and-loop closures. Thinking of all the times commuting results in a surprise shower, Timbuk2 intelligently integrated two separate flaps into the Lux that easily fold up when not in use; one covers your backside while the other extends over the entire pack and over your head. The flaps are easy to unfold while you're in the saddle, so you can quickly cover up in case Mother Nature has a quick mood swing when you're halfway to work. With completely waterproof outer fabric, the Lux can be trusted to keep electronics safe inside of its inner sleeve, which fits up to a 15-inch laptop. The sleeve features waterproof seam taping to add confidence that your valuables will stay dry no matter what, while stretchy side pockets on either side give you space to carry plenty of water on hot days.

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