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Timbuk2 Hudson 14L Briefcase

item #TBK003A
Price: $298.00 Buy Timbuk2 Hudson 14L Briefcase
Timbuk2 Hudson 14L Briefcase
Timbuk2 Hudson 14L Briefcase description:
If you're still carrying the same old beer-stained, broken zippered backpack from college to and from work, it's time for a change. Toss the pack where it belongs and invest in the Timbuktu Hudson Briefcase to officially welcome yourself to the world of adulting. The bag's streamlined silhouette and classy leather detailing come on the platform of a highly functional design, with an internal organizer, outer pocket, and laptop sleeve to keep your work gear where you need it, plus a removable shoulder strap. Ever the innovator, Timbuktu also constructed the bag to be TSA-compliant, meaning you can send it through security without having to remove electronic devices.

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