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Timbuk2 Race Duffel Bag

item #TBK002W
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Timbuk2 Race Duffel Bag
Timbuk2 Race Duffel Bag description:
Packing the car on race day is always stressful, and a few choice phrases sometimes slip out that definitely shouldn't. If you can avoid actually having to turn back for a forgotten item, you'd consider it a fairly smooth day. If this sounds anything like you, Timbuk2's Race Duffel Bag seeks to redefine what you think of as a successful race morning. Designed to be carried as either a duffel bag or a backpack, it has a divided main compartment to make organizing the many items you'll need on race day simple, so that when you open up the bag, you can see what you remembered to pack and what you still have to grab. The bag has a water-resistant TPU lining that can be easily taken out and cleaned after a few days of sweaty kits and muddy shoes, and the bottom is also water-resistant, so there's no need to worry about accidentally setting it down in a puddle or two.

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