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Timbuk2 Mission Wallet

item #TBK001D
Price: $28.95
Sale Price: $10.13
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Timbuk2 Mission Wallet
Timbuk2 Mission Wallet description:
Leave your wallet at home and protect your favorite gadget at the same time from sweat and sudden storms with the convenient Timbuk2 Mission Wallet. It's ideal for dedicated cyclists, skiers, and snowboarders who don't want to risk damaging their precious smart phone when they're on the go, and has separate slots for ID and credit cards. Compatible with the iPhone 5 (medium) and Android phones (large), this wallet has a clear TPU face that allows for touchscreen use without pulling your phone from the protective case, and a clear TPU lens cutout is compatible with the medium-sized (iPhone) case for on-bike or slopeside photography.

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