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Timbuk2 Especial Raider Pack

item #TBK000V
Price: $79.00
Sale Price: $39.50
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Timbuk2 Especial Raider Pack
Timbuk2 Especial Raider Pack description:
Commuting to work is awesome, but you usually arrive at the office a bit sweaty and in need of a change of clothes. That's where the Timbuk2 Especial Raider Pack comes into play. This lightweight pack specializes in carrying a fresh pair of duds and shoes--allowing you to transition from your favorite morning ride into work without missing a blink. A large main compartment conveniently holds a change of clothes, and it even includes a separate compartment for shoes. As soon as you arrive at the office, pop out your work-appropriate kicks and slip your cycling cleats into the quarantined pocket. Even more impressive, the pack's back panel doubles as a folding board, holding one dress shirt in wrinkle-free condition. In addition, a top accessory pocket secures your phone, wallet, and keys, and two stretch side pockets clench a U-lock, water bottle, or snack within quick reach.

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