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Tatonka Cima Di Basso 22L Backpack

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Price: $60.95
Sale Price: $42.66
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Tatonka Cima Di Basso 22L Backpack
Tatonka Cima Di Basso 22L Backpack description:
Nobody likes hugging their rope all the way to the climb, so that's why Tatonka made their minimal, but crag ready, Cima Di Basso 22 Backpack--to make your steep approach just a little easier. The Cima's carrying system has a removable hip belt, so if it's more of a mild jaunt, you can customize to the day's objective. But regardless of the length of your approach, the Basso's external rope holder will save your forearms an undue burn (unless curling your rope is part of your warmup), leaving plenty of internal storage for your gear, water and food. However, due to the lower volume, the Basso is best-suited for day-missions where you're unlikely to need more than a single rack of trad gear, but don't let us stop you from trying.

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