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Tatonka Yukon 60+10L Backpack

item #TAK000Q
Price: $177.95
Sale Price: $124.56
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Tatonka Yukon 60+10L Backpack
Tatonka Yukon 60+10L Backpack description:
You prefer spending each weekend in a different backpacking destination; there are so many destinations and you only have one life, after all. That's why you always use the Tatonka Yukon 60+10 Backpack's full seventy liter capacity by packing an extra day's extra food, because some backpacking destinations are too beautiful for a short weekend. Some places you simply can't leave unexplored, like the slot canyon across the campsite or a summit on the other side of the meadow, and this backpack is ready for the vacations you're willing to skip work for.

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