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Tatonka Storm 30L Backpack

item #TAK000J
Price: $88.95
Sale Price: $71.16
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Tatonka Storm 30L Backpack
Tatonka Storm 30L Backpack description:
Sometimes you can only sneak away for a night, but that's not a big deal with the Tatonka Storm 30 Backpack. Lightweight and roomy, this pack is the perfect size for overnighters or long day hikes. The X Vent Zero carrying system offers maximum control and minimal contact with the back for the best possible ventilation. The tightening and releasing of the system is infinitely variable for a truly customized fit. In addition to comfort, the Storm 30 includes a number of features to enhance your outdoor experience. Pockets on the front and sides, as well as in the lid, provides storage for frequently used items. Stash you trekking poles and other gear with integrated loops and straps, and pull out the rain cover when threatening clouds build.

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