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Tacx Flux Trainer

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Tacx Flux Trainer
Tacx Flux Trainer description:
While autumn makes for some of the most stunning cycling, there's always a looming darkness in the back of our minds as we try to deny that these cool and crisp mornings will turn into snow banks in a matter of weeks. Many of us loathe trainers, we'd prefer to sip Scotch next to a fire than stare at a screen while listening to the whine of rollers or a fly wheel, and certainly are displeased with the way so many trainers feel so unrealistic compared to our beloved pavement. Then there are the high end trainers, which do a great job simulating the road-feel, and tend to be much quieter, but with such a high price tag that it's hard to fathom bringing one into the house. Finally, Tacx has a solution to offer us with the Flux Smart Trainer, with a heavy fly wheel and electromagnets to simulate the torque and power of road riding with a smaller price tag. Will it be enough to get you to set down your class of Scotch and give it a spin' We suppose that's for you to decide. The Flux is Tacx's response to the well-received Neo, which has proved to be incredibly popular. The global acceptance of the Neo created a drive to create a similar direct drive smart trainer that's a bit more pocket-friendly and accessible to more riders. With compatibility on a massive array of apps and the ability to transmit via Bluetooth as well as ANT+ FE-C, the Flux can pair with virtually any smart phone, tablet or computer. ,p>It's happy to work with Tacx's own app, or other popular third-party apps such as Zwift and TrainerRoad. Two LEDs illuminate on the side to let you know when you're connected to your device, so there's no guessing whether or not you've successfully paired with the trainer. The trainer is intuitive and fully programmable for your training plan du jour. Smart electronics work to transfer each watt accurately to your body when you make even the slightest adjustments to your power settings, so you know the resistance will increase or decrease where needed during you...

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