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Tacx Genius Smart Trainer

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Tacx Genius Smart Trainer
Tacx Genius Smart Trainer description:
For the most part, we only revert to the trainer for one reason: the weather is too inclement to risk 25m tires on the road. Tacx Genius Smart Trainer replicates every facet of the experience of riding outside except for the inclement weather that forced you indoors and the wind in your hair. The motor brake resistance unit is able to replicate slopes of up to 20%--both uphill and down. It actually replicates the feeling of acceleration after you've crested a summit. We would tell you to think Croix de Fer, Ventoux, the Mortirolo, or l'Alpe. But those won't do it. Think instead of the Angliru or, if springtime in Belgium is your happiest of happy places, the Koppenberg. If you'd like to do hill repeats up the most infamous (not famous--we've already ruled out l'Alpe) slopes in cycling, then the Genius is with you. All that power is sync-able with virtually every app you've heard of and several you likely haven't. Zwift, Kinomap, Skuga, Trainer Road, FulGaz, The Sufferfest, Cycleops, BKOOL, Golden Cheetah, Maximum Trainer, Perfpro, and VeloReality all make the cut, and the Genius plays nicely with hardware including Garmin's 520 and Magellan's Mio 505 head units. These apps and devices can dictate the trainer's resistance, so you can load a workout and the trainer will automatically replicate the climbs, flats, and descents. Wind in your hair not included.

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