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Tacx Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor

item #TAC001S
Price: $69.99 Buy Tacx Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor
Tacx Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor
Tacx Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor description:
Giving you an edge over the competition through winter months, the Tacx Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor delivers the critical information you need to your devices to stay at the top of your game. Keeping you synced up, this sensor transmits data wirelessly via ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart technology to all of your connected devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, sports watch, GPS device, bike computer, or Tacx trainer. It utilizes dual technology to allow you to simultaneously use your smartphone via Bluetooth and your sports watch via ANT+ to track all of the specific data that helps you up your game with every session. The Speed and Cadence Sensor delivers accurate results for on-the-spot sharing and comparisons with others via its compatability with popular training apps, while also recording and transmitting the data to your own devices for personal improvement.

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