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Tacx Blue Motion Training Base

item #TAC0015
Price: $269.99 Buy Tacx Blue Motion Training Base
Tacx Blue Motion Training Base
Tacx Blue Motion Training Base description:
Out of the three Blue cycle trainers Tacx has to offer, the Blue Motion Training Base has the most powerful brake of them all: a Neodymium magnetic brake. This type of magnetic braking system lets you achieve exceptionally high-power output at low, or slow, pedaling rates, and is adjustable to 10 different positions (maxing out at 950 watts) through a handlebar remote for seamless transitions while riding. And magnetic operation means that it doesn't require an external power source, letting you set up your bike just about anywhere. Then, the Blue Motion's use of an actual flywheel helps simulate a realistic road feel, while the steel and aluminum construction brings a robust and stable setup.

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